Library Processing

MARC records are FREE from Perma-Bound with every title purchased. Simply let us know that you want to receive the free MARC records when setting up your processing profile with us.

You can feel confident with our MARC records knowing that our certified librarians catalog each title book-in-hand. Our records meet or exceed Library of Congress Cataloging Standards.

We provide MARC records for every title we carry, as well as all of our Audio-Visual products and Multi-Volume Reference Materials.

Additional cataloging and processing options available from Perma-Bound are listed below.

If you're interested in processing for classroom collections, view our classroom processing page.

Free MARC Records

Setting Up Your Processing Preferences

Also Available from Perma-Bound!

  • RFID tags

And processing options for the following formats:

  • Big Books
  • Board Books
  • Paperbacks
  • Chapter Books

Attention new and existing users: If you would like to set up, or make changes to, your processing preferences, you may complete the interactive online form, which will be submitted electronically to Perma-Bound by clicking on the following link.

Complete form

Or you are welcome to print off the PDF form below and submit it to Perma-Bound via fax, 800 551-1169.

Processing Preferences Form (PDF) Or for the Canadian version, click here.

If you do not have a program to open PDF files, either download a free program from the link at the bottom of this page, or contact our customer service department at +1 800 637-6581 and we will fax you the form.

If you already have processing preferences set-up, but do not remember your selections, or wish to verify them, customer service will be happy to assist you, just give them a call at +1 800 637-6581. We are also working on making this information available to you online.

Packages Unattached Attached
Catalog card kit per book
Includes shelf list card, subject cards main entry card, title card, borrower's card, spine label, pocket with date due grid
$0.65/ea. $1.11/ea.
Catalog card kit per title $0.65/ea. $1.11/ea.
Circulation kit per book
Includes shelf list card, borrower's card, pocket with date due grid, spine label (no cards)
$0.32/ea. $0.75/ea.
Circulation kit per title $0.32/ea. $0.75/ea.
One catalog kit per title and one circulation kit for each multiple $0.65/ea.
per card kit
per circ. kit
Automated circulation system
Bar code, spine label, and reading program label only $0.00/ea. $0.61/ea.
Bar code and spine label only $0.00/ea. $0.46/ea.
Individual Items Each book receives a $0.20 processing fee. This fee is waived when individual items are purchased in addition to any package option above.
MARC Records on CD $20 $20
Date Due Slip $0.07/ea. $0.18/ea.
Pocket $0.17/ea. $0.28/ea.
Catalog card set $0.45/ea. N/A
Borrower's Card $0.10/ea. N/A
Shelf list card $0.10/ea. N/A
Colibri covering Paperback Only N/A $1.30
Hand Stamping (per location) N/A $0.20/ea.
Theft Detection N/A $0.50/ea.
RFID Tag N/A $1.30/ea.
Book Presortment N/A $0.18/ea.
Kapco Easy Cover II Paperback Only N/A $2.50
Label Options
Bar Code Label #1 $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Bar Code Label #2 $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Bar Code Accession Strip $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
ISBN Barcode Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
School/Title Page Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
School Library Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Spine Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Vertical Spine Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
AR Program Indicator Label (Blue) (Attached Only) N/A $0.18/ea.
Reading Program Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Reading Program Information Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Guided Reading Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Lexile Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Genre Label (Attached Only) N/A $0.32/ea.
Classroom Label $0.18/ea. $0.27/ea.
Colored Dots $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Common Core Label $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.
Customer Specific $0.00/ea. $0.18/ea.

Remember, to submit new processing instructions utilize our quick and easy online form. If you have any questions, need special processing, or want to review your current processing preferences contact customer service at +1 800 637-6581.